Try Google Desktop Search,a wonderful Windows utility

I recently came across Google desktop search,an excellent utility from Google that lets you search your computer at lightening speeds.It is very very advanced than the conventional ‘Windows search’ which is very slow and is not 100% efficient.

Google desktop search,on the other hand ,has the following excellent features:

  • Search your computer as easily as you search the web with Google
  • Search your Gmail account for any mail right from your desktop
  • View news, photos and more anywhere on your desktop
  • Add Google Gadgets to customize your desktop and sidebar
  • Developers: Create and share your own gadgets
  • Moreover,it is only a small bar that can float anywhere on your desktop,and you can even hide it,close it or place it anywhere according to your own convenience.

    The searching ability is so efficient that it displays the results simultaneously as you type into it.Here are some screenshots of the Google desktop search’:

    You can download this utility from .It is absolutely FREE.It will take only a few seconds to install.After installation,when it is run for the first time,it will index all the files of your computer.This may take a couple of hours,but this is only a one time process.
    It is compatible with Windows Vista,Xp and 2000 Sp 3+.A must try out!!!Highly Recommended for all users.

    2 thoughts on “Try Google Desktop Search,a wonderful Windows utility”

    1. Hey kartik have you stopped writing in this blog. Please continue. I think your blog is excellent. If you are writing in some other blog please provide the link.

    2. @Gaurav

      Sorry,I was a little busy so did not get time to write.But I am back and have ample time to write stuff in my blog now.I will continue to update this blog regularly ,sorry people for this long period of no activity.


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