Myth: Safely remove your pen drive

Here is one of the greatest myths…..

How do you eject a pen drive from a computer ?

Most people will right click on their taskbar and click on “Safely remove Hardware “.Then they will press stop and then Ok. Thereafter,a message will appear saying “The USB mass storage drive can now be safely removed from the system “.Only after seeing this people feel content and hence remove their pen drives or external hard disks or ipods or whatever.

Now I would like to point out 2 things here.

Firstly,this is a myth that if while ejecting your pen drive you don’t follow the above procedure,your pen drive will be damaged or data will be corrupted.It is totally safe to remove your pen drive directly .

Now, if you need to know why this conventional procedure is followed then here is the reason : Safely removing button ensures that no data transfer is currently taking place between your PC and the drive.If transfer is taking place then it does not let you remove your drive by giving the error message “This generic volume cannot be stopped now “.So my point is that if after transferring your files you are sure that no other transfer is under way then you can directly remove your drive.This is completely safe.

Now the second point.If you have a habit of using the conventional procedure and are hesitant to change,then here is a small trick for you.In the taskbar, press right click then immediately follow it with a left click.You will get a message “Safely remove USB mass storage device “.Click on it and you are done !! No need to press stop and then ok.This is only a little thing but will definitely make your life a lot easier .

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