Find out all the passwords saved in firefox with one click

This is for all the firefox users.Beware!!! Your stored passwords are not safe.

It is a common task for an average internet user to save their passwords on their personal computers while surfing the web,so that they can avoid the hassle of typing them again and again.
Sounds simple and safe.But it is not so .

Firefox users would be very familiar with this dialog box:

Most of the users click on ‘Remember’ and then feel satisfied that their passwords are saved and are safe.Well there is the other side of the coin to it.

In Firefox browser:

Go to Tools->Options.Click on security tab.There is a button ‘Show passwords’ on that page.Click on it.A window will open which will show your usernames and the corresponding site names.Click on ‘Show passwords’ button there and then select yes.
Voila!!!! What do you see!!!

You would be shocked to see all your passwords listed out with the usernames and the site names.Well,this is the truth.This is a flaw in firefox that can be very dangerous for novice users .Anyone using your computer can find all your passwords within 10 seconds.


There is a pretty simple way you can protect yourself from this.In the security tab,just above the ‘Show passwords’ button you have an option ‘Set a master password’.Just tick this option.So whenever someone tries to access your passwords he will be prompted for this master password.Your passwords are safe now !!

7 thoughts on “Find out all the passwords saved in firefox with one click”

  1. A very helpful blog, I’ve got a new laptop and could not remember certain passwords from my old pc so this tool was most useful to me although yes I can see where security problems can arise!!

  2. @Vanessa
    I am happy that this security leak did actually help someone out….but imagine,how dreadful it could have become if someone else had got hold of your passwords….. 🙂

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