Divshare:A feature rich file Hosting and Sharing service

With tons of file sharing/hosting services available on the net these days,it is tough to make a choice.You need to look at various factors like reliability,speed and cost.

For users who dont want to spend and yet enjoy all these features,here comes DivShare :A free and reliable file hosting service.I call it reliable because you can keep your files online forever.

What is more, they have recently added an amazing feature: mp3 streaming.For those who dont know what it means,it is a feature wherein you dont need to download an mp3 you have uploaded,you can directly play it and listen to it.Imagine you upload a song and give the link to your friends,they can easily listen to it by clicking the play button.

Here is the screenshot of how it looks:

Unlike most of the audio hosting services, DivShare also provides an option to download the MP3.
In the next few days, DivShare will introduce a new sharing option which allows you to embed flash MP3 player into your blog/profile.

These features indicate that the business plan of DivShare is stable and they intend to make it big in the online industry.If you frequently need to upload your files(any kind of data,not necessarily music files) to share with your friends,I highly recommend you to try DivShare.

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